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Prepaid Annual Service


Prepaid Annual Service
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Irrigation Plan Service Details

Our spring service ensures that your system is turned on correctly.  We adjust heads, timers and check for leaks or any other problems that may be occurring. 

Mid season checks are a good idea to ensure your system is working properly and as efficiently as possible.  During the service we will check your system for existing and developing issues and adjust settings as necessary.  This service is included in our Silver & Gold Service Plans 

Our winterization service ensures that your lines are blown out and your system is shut down properly to prevent damages caused by freezing.

If you have an above ground system we recommend having your system shut off prior to November.

Single call in services are available by request on our contact page.  If you purchase our prepaid plans you will enjoy priority booking to ensure your system is turned on and winterized right on time. 

If you have never had an irrigation system we can come and show you how it works and check for issues and damages.  We recommend starting with our Bronze or Silver package which include service reminders when it is time to book. 

Our service plan members will receive a date and time well in advance for their appointments for each service included in their plan. 

If the date and time will not work for you let us know and we will gladly find you an alternate date or time.  

Our service plans cover the calendar year and are available for purchase in Spring/early Summer.   Once you have booked a service plan with us we will remind you each year when it is time to renew your service plan with us. 

We remind all of our customers when it is time to book with us.  If you would like continuous service please let us know.