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recommended irrigation upgrades
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Hunter MP Rotator Nozzle Upgrade

Why upgrade?

This nozzle offers up to 30% in water savings over traditional spray nozzles.  Its unique design allows for even distribution while conserving water.  

Rain Bird 5000 Rotor Upgrade

Why upgrade?

This rotor contains a pressure reducer to conserve water and a check valve that prevents puddling and erosion caused by head drainage in sloped areas.

Hunter Smart Controller Upgrade

Why upgrade?

Upgrading to a smart controller for your irrigation system can pay for itself in water savings very quickly.  Todays controllers are user friendly and can be adjusted remotely. 

Pressure Regulator Valve

Why upgrade?

High water pressure causes problems.  Just like too much water in a balloon, too much pressure can cause the components of your system to break.  High pressure also causes misting which greatly impacts watering efficiency.


Why upgrade?

Save your landscapes from overwatering with rain sensors by Hunter.  If the sensor detects rain it will shut down your system until the rain has stopped and the sensor has dried.  Once dry, the system will resume to its regular watering schedule.


Why upgrade?

Hydrawise offers remote access to your irrigation system, waters your landscapes according to the local weather, and alerts you of system issues such as leaks and damages. 

LIghting products

Up Lights

Add depth to your homes exterior with ground level up lights from Elements Sprinkler Co.

Path Lights

Path lights have the ability to bring your landscape to life at night.  


In-ground lights enhance the curb appeal of your home or yard while keeping a low profile.